Golden & Pineapple Rum Duo - Buy 2 Save £5!

Golden & Pineapple Rum Duo - Buy 2 Save £5!

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Save £5 when you purchase a bottle of our Double Aged Golden Rum & Pineapple Infused Pina Edition (700ml) | FREE SHIPPING 

Libations Double Aged Golden Rum | 40% ABV | 700ml

Aged between 3 and 5 years, some of the finest rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and the Dominican Republic are married together to produce a blend of real intrigue. The final leg of the journey sees our unique blend makes its way across the globe to enjoy a second maturation right here in our distillery courtesy of our ex-bourbon casks making good on our commitment to minimise waste in the process.

Tasting Notes - Gentle oak paired with subtle vanilla making way for a long finish of butterscotch and dried fruit

Serve Recommendations - A versatile rum served fantastically neat, as a simple serve or as part of a classic cocktail. 


Libations Pineapple Infused Pina Edition | 41.5% ABV | 700ml

Fruity and a little more playful than our original spiced, we've taken what you enjoyed so much about our original spiced rum altered the spice quantities ever so slightly and infused in whole white extra small Monte Lirio pineapples.

Essential oils from the barks of said pineapples along with the sweetness from the fruit itself is underpinned by that hardy Yorkshire heather and honey along with clove, cinnamon, Madagascan vanilla and orange peel making for a refreshing fruity winter pick-me-up.

Tasting Notes - bold pineapple met with a gentle honeyed sweetness finished with lingering citrus and clove.
Serve Recommendations - Served perfectly with Ginger Ale & a wedge of pineapple or as a Daiquiri or Old Fashioned