Pre-Order - Batch 1 Double Aged Golden Rum | 700ml

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Libations Double Aged Golden Rum | 40% ABV | 700ml

Now available to pre-order | Estimated delivery date 21st March 23 | Batch No.1

Aged between 3 and 5 years, some of the finest rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and the Dominican Republic are married together to produce a blend of real intrigue. The final leg of the journey sees our unique blend make its way across the globe to enjoy a second maturation right here in our distillery courtesy of our ex-bourbon casks making good on our commitment to minimise waste in the process.

Tasting Notes - Gentle oak paired with subtle vanilla making way for a long finish of butterscotch and dried fruit

Serve Recommendations - A versatile rum served fantastically neat, as a simple serve or as part of a classic cocktail.

PRE-ORDER OFFER - 2 mixers with every order (Cola + Ginger Ale)